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Herrenknecht is the global market leader providing tunnelling technology. Furthermore Herrenknecht provides solutions for excavating inclined shafts and sinking deep shafts.

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Herrenknecht is the global market leader providing innovative and customized tunnelling technology for diameters of 0.1 to 19 meters. Furthermore Herrenknecht provides technical solutions for successfully excavating inclined shafts and sinking vertical shafts down to great depths. Herrenknecht provides an entire range of innovative machines for the mechanized construction of underground mining infrastructure. Whether for vertical access or production shafts, inclined vehicle access ramps, ventilation shafts or transport tunnels, Herrenknecht mining technology is designed for diameters of 0.3 to 12 meters and can reach depths of up to 2,000 meters. Our innovative solutions are based on proven technology that can achieve high advance rates and occupational health and safety using compact construction designs.

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Herrenknecht Chile Ltda
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Products and Services

Herrenknecht Shaft Sinking Systems are an innovative machine concept able to reach deposits at great depths safely and efficiently. Implementation of mechanized shaft sinking in mine development increases occupational health and safety and enhances shaft sinking rates for shafts of up to 2,000 meters. With the proven Raise Boring technology, a broad variety of shafts in mining and civil projects can be drilled. This allows fast and competitive construction of shafts with different diameters for various applications. Thanks to its compact and modular design, it can be shipped easily and delivers reliable operation wherever needed. Herrenknecht has developed customized mining machines for the excavation of vertical and inclined slot holes and shafts in hard rock for a wide range of underground applications. The Boxhole and Reef Boring Machines focuses on high productivity, optimal machine mobility and minimal space requirements.

The Raise Boring Rig (RBR) developed by Herrenknecht is designed for the construction of shafts in rock down to 2,000 meters in depth. Thanks to its
compact design, it offers high flexibility even under space constraints and is therefore suitable for various applications in the mining industry. It has proven its
worth with its modular design and its efficient centerfree drive. Connection shafts for mining or penstocks for pump storage power plants can be constructed quickly and safely.

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For the conventional construction of shafts in hard rock Herrenknecht has developed the new Shaft Drilling Jumbo on the basis of tried and tested mechanized tunnelling technology. The modular jumbos are constructed in line with specific customer needs and can be used with shaft diameters of up to 12 meters. The optimized logistics in the shaft lead to process acceleration, an increase in cost efficiency and at the same time to a reduction of potential hazards for the personnel.

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The Shaft Boring Roadheader (SBR) was developed for the mechanized sinking of blind shafts in soft to medium-hard rock with up to 120 MPa. This allows the creation of variable shaft diameters between 7 and 12 meters. Based on the proven technology of Herrenknecht Vertical Shaft Sinking Machines (VSM), the new development offers a higher level of work safety compared to conventional shaft sinking with simultaneously higher advance rates.

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News & Innovations

Reef Boring Technology

The Herrenknecht Reef Boring Machine (RBM) safely and efficiently creates horizontal and ascending boreholes with inclinations of up to 40°. In stable rock with up to 300 megapascals and with excavation diameters of up to 1.5 meters, the RBM achieves borehole lengths of up to 40 meters.

Optimized mining

Herrenknecht has developed the RBM for the rapid and highly efficient mining of ore veins. The RBM technology optimizes material extraction by means of a pneumatic suction line directly behind the cutterhead. Compared to other mechanized methods or blasting, the procedure minimizes ore losses or contamination. The high boring
accuracy of the directionally steered drive also minimizes the excavation of adjacent rock and maximizes targeted ore extraction.

With its compact modular design the RBM is also ideal for use over very small distances and can be transported quickly from one boring location to the next. Time-consuming preparatory work, e.g. for a concrete pad or pining of the machine, is eliminated, increasing productivity. At the same time, work safety is improved thanks to the very high degree of mechanization and automation, since fewer people are in the danger zone.

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