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Putzmeister Underground division and its dealer in Peru, Metal Tecnica, offer a full range of shotcrete and concrete transport equipment, service, training and spare parts.

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For over 35 years Putzmeister has been designing, developing and producing concrete spraying and transport equipment for mines and tunnels. Putzmeister Underground division offers a full range of concrete spraying equipment, up to 17 m reach and with concrete flow of 30 m3/h, complemented by concrete transporting equipment to optimize the logistics of underground mining operations.

What distinguishes Putzmeister equipment is the knowledge and control over its main elements, both in the design and production. With this global vision of the product Putzmeister creates strong systems, perfectly synchronized and aligned with their customers' needs and the harsh working conditions in tunnels and mines.

Putzmeister is always close to your business, in Peru together with the dealer Metal Tecnica with a long relationship. For sales, commissioning, break down repairs, spare parts, trainings and inspections, Metal Tecnica guarantees rapid assistance to ensure efficient solutions in any situation.

Camino de hormigueras 173
28031 Madrid

Phone: +34 914 288100
Internet: www.putzmeister.com

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Francisco Sousa
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: +34 619 555070

Products and Services

The range of Putzmeister Underground equipment is formed by concrete spraying equipment up to 17 m spraying reach and with concrete flow of 30 m3/h synchronized with the additive dosage and with compressor on board. The overall shotcrete process is complemented and improved with low profile concrete mixer and transport line called Mixkret, with concrete capacity from 3 to 6 m3 and powerful engine with an automatic altitude compensation system, and hydrostatic transmission.
Mixkret 4

The low-profile concrete mixer MIXKRET 4 with a 4 m3 concrete capacity completes the shotcrete process. The powerful engine provides great climbing and driving power, and the possibility to work it at great height. A compact design with heavy-duty axles offers great mobility and maneuverability through galleries and tunnels with small cross sections. The hydrostatic transmission ensures the correct relationship between engine torque and speed, reducing fuel consumption and noise levels.

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Wetkret 4

The Wetkret 4 spraying concrete equipment has a robust and compact chassis suitable for underground works. The Putzmeister 20 m3/h concrete pump with automatic additive sound guarantees a homogeneous application of the required quality and hardness. The spraying arm of 8.5 m of reach adapts to the requirements of the galleries. It also has a hydrostatic transmission without gear change and an integrated compressor as an option.

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SPM 4210 Wetkret

SPM 4210 Wetkret has extensive experience in underground mines all over the world. Its vertical spraying range is 10 m and the maximum concrete pumping performance of 20 m³/h automatically synchronized with the dosage of additive, which guarantees the precision and quality of sprayed. The movements of the arm, the regulation of the performance and the adjustment of the additive dose are managed easily and safely through the remote control.

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