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SEW-EURODRIVE DEL PERU is market leader of gearmotors, high-power gearboxes, variable speed drives, automation and technical service.

About us

SEW-EURODRIVE is a German company specialized in the engineering and manufacture of industrial drives. For 90 years, we have led trends in drive technology around the world and in a wide number of industries, including mining. In the almost 25 years of presence in Peru, we have managed to position ourselves as market leaders in gearmotors, high power reducers, variable speed drives, automation and technical services by offering exceptional quality and reliability to our customers. We have assembly facilities in Lima and 3 service and maintenance workshops in Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa. Our staff is present in all industrial and mining areas of the country to provide a close relationship with our customers. We also have areas that operate in predictive, remote monitoring.

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Products and Services

We provide innovative products and stable, powerful and efficient drive solutions for the mining sector, increasing efficiency and energy savings in different processes. Our drive engineering components not only work in any weather and in any operating condition, but are also very reliable, robust, safe and resistant to high torques. They also offer high electrical and mechanical load capacities, are resistant to dust, corrosion. In the production of mining material, both operators and machinery are exposed to extremely irregular conditions. The material used is subject to harsh conditions such as dirt, impacts, cold, heat or rain. We offer: Industrial reducers of cylindrical and bevel gears for large machines. Seminars and trainings.

Compact and different designs with solid shafts (coaxial and parallel) and hollow shafts (parallel and right-angle) with keyway, shrink disk or with TorqLoc. Available with flange or foot mounted. Torque range from 7 0 to 16,000Nm.

Movitrac LTP-B Inverter

Standard Inverter. Designed and developed for the open-loop speed control of synchronous and asynchronous motors. With IP20 or IP55 housing. Power range: 0.75 to 250 kW. Line voltages: 230 or 380-480 or 500-600 V. They are particularly economical in conveyor applications, hoists, fans and pumps.

Industrial gear units Xe

Gear units with robust housings and effective cooling systems. Flexibility in mounting possibilities. Single-piece or bipartite housings. 23 sizes. Torque range from 6.8Knm to 475kNm. Range of ratios from 6.3 to 450. Applications: belts, bucket elevators, mixers, agitators.

News & Innovations

Training Program aimed at Educational Institutions
As part of the promotion of new technologies, digital transformation and Industry 4.0, projects for technological innovation have been developed in sectors such as: mining, textile industry, steel, food, agribusiness, fishing, etc. Currently, recognizing the importance of professional training, we seek alliances with the main training centers in the country and as a first objective we have the National University of Engineering, the main trainer of engineers. The purpose of the alliance is to work with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering dictating totally free training to the teachers and students of this Faculty in topics of the area of mechatronics and related. The program consists of 8 modules of 2 hours that will be taught in the virtual and face-to-face modality, taking not only the knowledge but also the practical experience for a future job in industrial companies.
The knowledge acquired in the trainings will allow students to know all the transformation that exists in the national market with the use of gearboxes, motors, drives, servo motors, electric actuators. It is also expected that in the future it will be possible to count on a joint project so that students have the opportunity to practice in the company and be trained so that they know closely the industrial activities. Further reading
Condition Monitoring Solutions

DriveRadar® bundles services for the smart, networked factory by monitoring and analyzing components, processes and systems. This also allows condition predictions to be made and maintenance to be planned in advance. In this way, we significantly increase product and plant availability.

DriveRadar® for industrial gear units is an ultra-modern condition monitoring system, which digitally records and automatically assesses gear unit data. The results of such analyses can be used to evaluate the current condition of gear units. Forecasts derived from this also allow you to predict future changes in condition. All the results and findings obtained serve as a basis for predictive maintenance.

In the case of motors, we have the MOVILINK® DDI interface, a high-performance technology that allows energy and data to be interconnected through a single cable, allowing the acquisition and exchange of relevant information for maintenance.

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